What next for Trump? The Defeated President Faces Difficult Moments


Professor Martin Flaherty shares his expert opinion with The Boston Globe on what could potentially come next from the White House following the results of the election.

Since Election Day, President Trump has stayed on the attack, repeatedly accusing Democrats of seeking to steal the election and calling the continued counting of votes a “fraud on the American public.”

He has said he would appeal to the Supreme Court to intervene, and promised to carry on the fight.

Legal and presidential scholars have already raised concerns about the damage an embittered Trump might cause to the nation, noting that he has already applauded supporters who have engaged in violent behavior.

“I would expect that Trump and his supporters will not go quietly into the night,” said Martin S. Flaherty, a professor of international human rights law at Fordham Law School.

He cited how last weekend Trump defended supporters who encircled one of Biden’s campaign buses and tried to force it off the road. In a tweet, Trump said, “In my opinion, these patriots did nothing wrong.”

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