Statement Regarding Anti-Asian Violence


Dear Fordham Law Community,

The Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA) Board issued an eloquent statement condemning the recent spate of anti-Asian violence that has occurred across our nation and right here in the New York area. I join APALSA in denouncing these racist acts of violence against the Asian American communities.

As APALSA noted, these horrific crimes are taking place as we approach the 79th anniversary of the Japanese internment camps and United States v. Korematsu, an ugly stain on democracy and America’s promise of equal justice under the law. Nearly eight decades later, it is disturbing that the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes against Asian Americans has once resulted in violence and injustice. As a law school and as a community of lawyers and future lawyers, we have a special obligation to stand for the rule of law and condemn these vicious attacks.

Our nation is a community of many races, ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds, and for those of us who are not immediately impacted by these acts of violence, it is incumbent upon us to educate our communities about their impact and work together to stop these acts of hatred whenever and wherever we can.

This is a difficult moment for all of us, and it is important that we pull together and keep our eye on the larger goal of making our community, city, and country more inclusive, equitable and safe for all.

Be well,
Dean Matthew Diller


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