Can’t Have It Both Ways: Sidney Powell’s Defamation Defense Could Put Her in Ethical Bind, Experts Say


Professor Bruce Green shares his expert opinion on ethical issues in Sidney Powell’s defamation defense.

Bruce Green, a legal ethics expert with Fordham University, is less confident on whether Powell’s defamation defense will impact the Michigan case, saying it seems to be “legally unrelated.”
Green said that, were he a judge presiding over one of the cases seeking sanctions against Powell under the civil rule relating to evidence—as the Detroit attorneys are—the Dominion filing “would reinforce my perception that the complaint was part of a political process, it had nothing to do with vindicating legal rights.”
“It was just one smaller aspect of what was basically a political campaign, and that her motivations for the litigation were illegitimate, and I wouldn’t give her the benefit of the doubt on any issues about whether there was a legal or factual basis knowing that she’s essentially conceding that she was engaged in a propaganda campaign,” Green said.
Green said the bigger threat to Powell may be other disciplinary authorities, like the bars where she is a member, which could take a broader approach to her actions and look at all of the election fraud lawsuits she filed.

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