The GOP’s War on ‘Critical Race Theory’ is All About Winning Elections


Professor Tanya K. Hernández was quoted in The American Independent, in an article analyzing critical race theory and its influence on politics and elections.

Republicans have launched an all out war against educating students about structural racism, painting so-called “critical race theory” curricula as an attempt to indoctrinate children.

Experts say their attacks are little more than a calculated strategy to win elections.

“Critical race theory” examines how socially constructed racial, gender, and class hierarchies throughout history have led to systemic racism against people of color. According to Education Week, the term itself has been twisted in recent years to encompass all diversity or inclusion efforts, and is not traditionally a part of K-12 schooling, as some conservatives have claimed.

Tanya Kateri Hernandez, a Fordham Univesity’s School of Law professor, said the theory importantly recasts “the role of law as historically central to and complicit in upholding racial hierarchy as well as other hierarchies of gender, class and sexual orientation.”

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