Why LL.M. Students Need Digital Skills


Assistant Dean of International and Non-J.D. Programs Toni Jaeger-Fine was quoted in an LLM Guide article discussing today’s need for technologically-skilled lawyers.

Just like the companies that employ them, in-house lawyers have been forced to embrace new technologies at a rapid pace. And artificial intelligence and machine learning tools are also becoming more important for law firms, which have traditionally been slow to embrace technological innovation.

“Lawyers who are adept with various technological tools can work faster and smarter,” says Toni Jaeger-Fine, Assistant Dean of International Programs at New York City’s Fordham Law School. “The more technological aptitude a lawyer has the better off they will be. They will be able to do their work more efficiently and they will be in a position to offer productivity and client-centered solutions to their team.”

…Demand from clients is rising for data tools to boost efficiency and keep up with privacy rules. This is the legal profession’s Achilles’ heel, says Fordham’s Jaeger-Fine. “As technology gets increasing sophisticated and commonplace, client expectations rise at the same pace,” she says.

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