Fordham Law Outperforms National Average in Securing Employment As Per Latest ABA Report


Fordham Law School’s graduating class of 2021 outperformed the national average in securing employment after graduation, as per the American Bar Association (ABA)’s latest employment report.

Eighty-three percent of all recent law school graduates across the nation were employed in full-time, long-term Bar Passage Required or J.D. Advantage positions 10 months after spring graduation. Fordham Law saw an almost nine-percentage point gain in employment compared to the year prior (94% from 85.1%).

Fordham Law graduates are currently working in a wide range of fields including big law, small law firms, government, public interest, and clerkships across federal, state, and local levels. Though they have started their careers all over the country and around the world, a majority of recent graduates were employed in New York, New Jersey, and California.

Earlier this year, National Law Journal ranked Fordham Law 19 on its list of “go-to” law schools, in terms of the percentage of the J.D. Class of 2021 hired by the top 100 law firms, and sixth based on the number of alumni promoted from associates to partners. As per Fordham Law’s ABA summary report, 212 members (52%) of the J.D. Class of 2021 joined a large firm (101+ attorneys) as first-year associates after graduation.


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