Two Years Since George Floyd’s Murder: A Message from Dean Matthew Diller


Dear Fordham Law Community,

Today marks the second anniversary of George Floyd’s murder. The national focus on racial justice that has flowed from the world’s response to witnessing Floyd’s death and the progress we have made collectively is heartening. It is, however, overshadowed at this moment by the alarming rise in white supremacy, racism, and racial violence. It is very difficult to feel optimistic in the face of unrelenting tragedies like the horrific attack last week in Buffalo. Yesterday’s mass shooting of elementary schoolchildren in Uvalde, Texas, though different from the racially motivated attacks, is additional evidence of a deep affliction in our society.

Yet, I do think that on this anniversary it is important to reflect on and acknowledge the progress we have made as a community. We have worked steadily and consistently together to address structural racism in our school and to make positive change in society more broadly. Our fragmented, polarized country needs to heal through meaningful dialogue and direct action.

I am encouraged by the incredible aspiring lawyers committed to civil rights and social justice who graduated on Monday. They have already accomplished so much and will go on to do so much more to achieve Fordham Law School’s mission of pursuing equal justice. These, and other students coming after them, have the will and dedication to create the change that is necessary. They will serve as leaders and advocates. We will not waver in supporting them, nor will we waver in continuing our work within our community to dismantle structural racism. Through this commitment, we remain focused on honoring the legacy of George Floyd for future generations to come.

Thank you for your partnership and for supporting each other.
Dean Matthew Diller


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