Court Win Bolsters Push to Highlight Prosecutors’ Misconduct


Professor Bruce Green was quoted in a New York Times article discussing the published complaints from a group of law professors against several New York prosecutors alleging unethical behavior and wrongdoings.

A group of law professors have published new complaints against 17 New York prosecutors, highlighting behavior that in many cases sent innocent people to prison, the latest salvo in a push for accountability that last month was given new life by a federal court.

In each of the complaints, either a judge or a district attorney’s office had previously recognized the wrongdoing. But there were no public records of discipline for any of the prosecutors, many of whom are still working in the city’s justice system. One has taught a course on legal ethics.

“Most prosecutors don’t get sanctioned and most lawyers don’t get sanctioned,” said Bruce Green, who directs a center for legal ethics at Fordham University. Mr. Green is not among the law professors who filed the complaints.

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