Law360: “Fordham Law’s Black Law Students Group Turns 50”


Law360 profiled Fordham Law’s Black Law Student Group’s founding and the recent gala organized by current students to celebrate its 50-year anniversary.

Holder and other Black students during the 1972-1973 school year founded what came to be known as the Black Law Students Association, with the idea of helping those in need in New York City and of diversifying Fordham Law’s student population.

“The civil rights movement had cooled off by that point, but we wanted to keep its ideals going,” said Holder, who graduated in 1975 and went on to pursue a legal career as a tax attorney and as a prosecutor in the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.

Fifty years later, current students at Fordham Law researching the history of the association came across documents that detailed the group’s founding, leading them to realize that its golden anniversary was at hand, said Afrika Owes, its current president.

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