The Washington Post: Prof. Tanya Hernàndez on Why Ignoring Growth of Latinos in White Supremacy Movement is Dangerous


Professor Tanya K. Hernàndez provides insight into how White supremacy groups are attracting and seeking out non-White members.

“Until we deal directly with the notion that many people can be complicit in and uphold white supremacy — if we keep looking at it with blinders on as simply something that a White, English-speaking, Ku Klux Klan member, neo-Nazi does … that is what will permit the growth of other groups being a part of it,” she said. “It goes under the radar.”

Kateri Hernandez said Latinos who gravitate toward White supremacy are often reacting to elements within their community that prize “whiteness” and grappling with the feeling that Latinos are assigned second-class status in the United States. Some believe that elevating White people could absolve them of the hardships of being Latino in this country, she said.

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