Meet Steven W. McFarland ’24


Steven W. McFarland ’24 said the highlight of his law school experience happened last spring, when he had the chance to meet Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson during a trip to Washington, D.C. with his election law class. He described the meeting as “a powerful moment that will stay with [him]forever.” This semester, he’ll be working in the Federal Litigation Clinic at Fordham Law. 

What is your favorite moment/experience at Fordham Law?
Last spring, I had the opportunity to travel with Professor Jerry Goldfeder and folks from my election law class to go to the Supreme Court to meet with Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. It made me think of Thurgood Marshall arguing before the court and how he pushed our country forward. To see an embodiment of that progress in Justice Jackson was a powerful moment that will stay with me forever.

Why did you choose Fordham Law?
I chose Fordham because of its strong alumni connections throughout New York City, the school’s high-level clinical training, and the incredible people I knew I’d come into contact with. 

What do you like about studying law in New York City?
I like being able to read something in the paper and then see it happen in the city, which accentuates the practical nature of the law and how it intersects with so many fields and industries. I also like being able to try world-class restaurants, catch a show on Broadway, see a famous comedian on a random night, or take walks with my dog along the Hudson.

What are you involved in at the Law School?
I am a member of Moot Court, the symposium editor for the Fordham Law Voting Rights and Democracy Forum, a member of the Black Law Students Association, and a staff member with the Fordham International Law Journal. This semester, I’m also working in the Federal Litigation Clinic.

What is your hometown?
Philadelphia, PA.

Where did you study before Fordham Law?
I got my bachelor’s degree in political science and education at Swarthmore College, and my master’s degree in urban education at the University of Pennsylvania. 

What do you hope to do when you graduate?
I want to practice law in New York, continue to hone my skills as an attorney, and create things that make people smile, think, and engage.

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