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Features Susan S. Jang ’12, Adam Rodriguez ’07, Pamela K. Terry ’13, and Ankur N. Patel ’10

Fordham Law’s clerkship program has turned out a bevy of superstars. A judge, like any…

Alumni Philip V. Tisne ’07 - Spring 2018 Fordham Lawyer

Assistant New York State Solicitor General Philip V. Tisne ’07 frequently drafts briefs and presents…

Alumni Gavel - Spring 2018 Fordham Lawyer

For the past four years, taking the subway home at around 5:30 p.m.—the normal end-of-workday…

Alumni Brandon Ruben - Spring 2018 Fordham Lawyer

Nearly two centuries have passed since Manhattan was dotted with farmland, so native New Yorker…

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