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In Fashion, Verbal Abuse Is Going Out of Style

Susan Scafidi was quoted in The Cut about the decline of verbal abuse in the fashion industry. An assistant who is called fat on a daily basis by her manager is, understandably, less protected by the law than a sexual-assault victim. Unlike sexual or physical assault, emotional and verbal abuse aren’t illegal. “In the case

Will Cabela’s Credit Card Office Stay in Lincoln? Some Aren’t So Sure

Sean Griffith was quoted in a Cherokee Tribune article about Capital One’s business operations. “Management may intend all sorts of things, but intentions change when, six or 18 months down the road, keeping a local presence no longer makes economic sense. At that point, local operations get shut down,” Sean Griffith, a law professor at

Team Trump’s 3 Bizarre Defenses of Child Separations

Jed Shugerman was quoted in a New York Times article about President Trump’s family separation policy. The Trump administration has offered three different explanations for the new policy that separates children from their parents at the border. The explanations are contradictory, as Fordham Law School’s Jed Shugerman noted on Twitter. Each one is also deeply

Matt Gold Appears on CNBC

Adjunct Professor Matt Gold was interviewed by CNBC about trade actions of the Trump administration. No American president has broken WTO rules like this in 70 years, and we’re the ones who wrote most of these rules. Watch full video.

20th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement

An interview that Adjunct Professor John Rogan conducted with former U.S. Senator George Mitchell about the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement was featured on WFUV. Senator Mitchell chaired the peace talks leading to the agreement. John Rogan: How do you view your work in Northern Ireland? George Mitchell: I am very proud of