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New TripAdvisor Warnings on Sexual Assault Draw Criticism

Benjamin C. Zipursky was quoted in a New York Times article about liability issues faced by travel and hospitality companies. For Kristie Love, reporting a rape by a security guard at a Mexican resort was like yelling into the wind. She kept repeating her story, she said, but the words had little effect. The resort,

Fordham-Stein Prize Is Mentioned in SCOTUS Blog

The 2017 Fordham-Stein Prize, awarded to Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, was mentioned in SCOTUS blog. On October 11, Fordham Law School honored Justice Anthony Kennedy with the 2017 Fordham-Stein Prize, which is given annually to “an individual whose work embodies the highest standards of the legal profession.” According to Fordham News, the justice took

The Menendez Trial Revealed Everything that’s Gone Wrong with US Bribery Law

Professor Zephyr Teachout wrote an op-ed for Vox about a federal judge recently declaring a mistrial in the case against U.S. Senator Bob Menendez. With the jury hopelessly deadlocked, a federal judge was forced to declare a mistrial in the bribery trial of US Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ). Who can blame the jury? Its members

NYCHA Lied about Doing Lead Paint Inspections, Shocking Report Claims

James Cohen was quoted in the New York Post about NYCHA Chairwoman Shola Olatoye allegedly lying about doing lead paint inspections. The head of the city Housing Authority potentially put thousands of kids at risk of lead poisoning by blowing off mandatory apartment inspections — and then lied about it to the feds, a damning

Matt Gold Talks NAFTA on CTV News Channel

Adjunct Professor Matt Gold appeared on CTV News where he talked about NAFTA. I think that the Trump administration was unrealistic about how much leverage United States would have in a trilateral negotiation. Watch video.