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The Supreme Court Should Tell Trump He Is Not Above the Law

Corey Brettschneider, a visiting professor at Fordham Law, and the author of “The Oath and the Office,” wrote an op-ed for the New York Times about whether the President is immune from criminal proceedings. Does President Trump have immunity from criminal investigation or prosecution, as his lawyer asserts? The answer is no, and now the

What Small Brands Can Learn from the Barneys New York Bankruptcy

Professor Susan Scafidi, director of the Fashion Institute, shares her thoughts on the Barneys bankruptcy and how other brands can learn from it and put protective strategies in place. As news of Barneys’s bankruptcy and subsequent sale spread, the collective mourning for a bygone retail era was tinged with at least some delight over the promised sales

Sex Workers Are at the Forefront of the Fight Against Mass Surveillance and Big Tech

A paper in the Fordham Law Review by Lura Chamberlain ’20 was referenced in an Observer article on sex workers. Chamberlain discusses the negative and dangerous impact that technology and surveillance have placed on the sex worker community. The impact of SESTA-FOSTA has been sweeping and unforgiving toward the sex working community, both in the United States,

Wyoming Reveals First-Ever Crypto Custody Rules for ‘Blockchain Banks’

At the Fordham Law Blockchain Regulatory Symposium, Wyoming announced the first-ever opt-in custody rules regarding  its “blockchain banks.” Wyoming’s “blockchain banks” — legally known as “special purpose depository institutions” (SPDIs) — were approved by the Wyoming state legislature in February of this year and were introduced to serve those businesses unable to secure FDIC-insured banking

TalksOnLaw: The Power of the Prosecutor

Professor Bruce Green joins TalksOnLaw’s California MCLE Podcast to speak about the discretionary power that prosecutors hold and how their decisions to pursue must meet ethical standards. Listen to the full podcast.