Editors & Staff

Volume 41


Board of Editors

Editor-in-Chief – Julia A. Tallarico
Managing Editor – Akbar Azam Khan
Executive Notes & Articles Editor – Ardian Tagani
Senior Articles Editor – Olivia Scandura
Writing & Research Editors – Deborah Bessner & Elizabeth Snyder
Business & Articles Editor – Mariana Cardona
Online Content Editor – Jean Cunningham
Symposium Editor – Shirin Dhanani

Notes and Articles Editors –  Jina Davidovich, Ashwin Iyengar, Stephanie Kuzmick, Conor McEvoy, Tina Milburn, Rebecca Miller, Aakruti Vakharia


Associate Editors

Yehuda Auman, Chelsea Brite, Razvan Breban, Amber Dong, Kyle Fitzpatrick, Bryan Gager, Joshua Garland, Sydney Lim, Kathleen McGonigle, Willyne Michel, Brendaliz Minaya Ruiz, Alex Mintz, Justin Moldovan, Ann Murphy, Christina Papillo, Jacob Samuels-Kalow, Elina Shtrakhman, Sabih Siddiqi, Patrick Toolan, Rodrigo Tranamil, Elizabeth Van Buskirk, and Rebecca Zittell


Staff Selection

The Fordham International Law Journal selects its members from interested students who participate in the Fordham Law Unified Writing Competition, the transfer student Writing Competition, and an LLM Writing Competition hosted by ILJ. Staff positions are offered based on the quality of a competitor’s submission. Students remain anonymous during the selection process.

Membership to the ILJ is open to all first-year Fordham Law students, transfers, and LLMs. The Journal will also consider qualified second-year students at the discretion of the Executive Board.

For more information, please send correspondence to our Writing & Research Editors at iljwre@law.fordham.edu.