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Volume 51.4
Raising the Bar: Local Governments as Labor and Employment Innovators


How Local Government Can Protect Workers’ Rights Even When States Do Not Want Them To: Opportunities for Local Creativity and Persistence Despite Double Preemption

Terri Gerstein & LiJia Gong

How Local Paid Sick Time Innovations — And the COVID-19 Pandemic — Have Shaped a Growing Paid Leave Movement across the United States

Sherry Leiwant, Jared Make & Elena Rodriguez Anderson

“Let Us Work, Man”: Asserting Rights to Employment for Individuals with Conviction Histories in Austin, Texas

Andrew Darcy


Protecting Workers as Consumers and Consumers from Workers in New York City

Louis Cholden-Brown

The Right to Stable Employment: Lessons from the U.S. Virgin Islands

Anthony M. Ciolli


In Pursuit of Meaningful Civil Representation: Advocacy Strategy Proposals for an Integrated Civil Gideon and Legal Empowerment Approach

Sophia T. Slater


When You Cannot “Look Both Ways”: Accessible Pedestrian Signals and the ADA

Becky Egan

Beyond Bars: Rethinking Substance Use Criminalization in Federal Supervised Release

Emilia E. McManus

We Built This City: Generative AI, Copyright, and the Built Environment

Talin Ghazarian


Volume 52

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Nestor M. Davidson

Albert A. Walsh Chair in Real Estate, Land Use, and Property Law
Faculty Director, Urban Law Center

Aaron Saiger

Professor of Law

Urban Law Center

Founded in 2012, the Urban Law Center at Fordham Law School seeks to investigate and improve the role of the law and legal systems in contemporary urbanism. It promotes an interdisciplinary understanding of the legal, governance, and regulatory aspects of urban environments by advancing collaborative research and scholarship, organizing local and global convenings, and supporting knowledge sharing, career pathways and pedagogy in the world of urban law. In particular, the Center’s efforts focus on forces that shape urban inequality and urban innovation, targeting the most pressing issues facing our nation’s cities and their metropolitan regions.

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