Volume 45, Book 4: Taking a Bite out of the Big Apple: A Conversation About Urban Food Policy (Colloquium)

Forging Food Justice Through Cooperatives in New York City
Dan DePasquale, Surbhi Sarang, and Natalie Bump Vena

Ten Years of Food Policy Governance in New York City: Lessons for the Next Decade
Nicholas Freudenberg, Nevin Cohen, Janet Poppendieck, and Craig Willingham

Food Law Gone Wild: The Law of Foraging
Baylen J. Linnekin

Big Food and Soda Versus Public Health: Industry Litigation Against Local Government Regulations to Promote Healthy Diets
Sarah A. Roache, Charles Platkin, Lawrence O. Gostin, and Cara Kaplan

Let Them Eat Kale: The Misplaced Narrative of Food Access
Nathan A. Rosenberg and Nevin Cohen