Volume 46, Book 3: Remodeling Sanctuary: Urban Immigration in a New Era

Contextualizing Sanctuary Policy Development in the United States: Conceptual and Constitutional Underpinnings, 1979 to 2018
Allan Colbern, Melanie Amoroso-Pohl, & Courtney Gutiérrez

Unsettling Immigration Laws: Settler Colonialism and the U.S. Immigration Legal System
Monika Batra Kashyap

Universities as Vehicles for Immigrant Integration
Kit Johnson

Applying the U.S. Constitution Abroad, from the Era of the U.S. Founding to the Modern Age
Alina Veneziano

Separate But (Still Un)equal: Challenging School Segregation in New York City
Gabrielle Kornblau

Weaning Drug Manufacturers Off Their Painkiller: Creating an Exception to the Learned Intermediary Doctrine in Light of the Opioid Crisis
Max Roberts