Volume 46, Book 5: One Hundred Years of Rent Control: An Examination of the Past and Future of Rental Housing


Laboratories of Regulation: Understanding the Diversity of Rent Regulation Laws
Vicki Been, Ingrid Gould Ellen, and Sophia House

Gentrification and Countermovement: The Right to Counsel and New York City’s Affordable Housing Crisis
John Whitlow

Revisiting Rent Stabilization in the Neighborhood Context: The Potential Impact of Rent Regulation on Community Stability and Security in the New York Metropolitan Region
Madeleine Parker and Karen Chapple

Responsible Devolution of Affordable Housing
Andrea J. Boyack

Affordable Housing, but for How Long? The Opportunity and Challenge of Mandating Permanently Affordable Housing
Vincent J. Reina


Reclaiming Electoral Home Rule: Instant-Runoff Voting, New York City’s Primary Elections, and the Constitutionality of Election Law § 6-162
Sacha D. Urbach