Current Issue (Vol 49.4)

The Rule of Law and Government in the Urban Landscape


Crushing the Soul of Federal Public Defenders: The Plea Bargaining Machine’s Operation and What to Do About It
Walter I. Gonçalves, Jr.

Understanding the Public’s Opinions of UAV-Assisted Residential Monitoring by Police
Linda M. Merola & Ryan P. Murphy


Judicial Deference to Municipal Interpretation
Joseph S. Diedrich


Park on the Highway: Building a Cap Park as a Solution to Decades of Devastation Caused by the Construction of the Cross-Bronx Expressway
Grace Brennan

Standardized (COVID) Testing? Vaccine Mandates and Teachers’ Unions Collective Bargaining Agreements in Urban School Districts
Seamus J. Ronan

The Rainbow Connection: Revisiting the Mixed-Motive Summary Judgement Standard in Bostock’s Afterglow
Courtney Vice

Who’s an Employee Now? Classifying Workers in the Age of the “Gig” Economy
Catherine Engelmann