Rethinking Public Places: Relation, Rights, and Recognition


Parks as Persons: Legal Innovation or Colonial Appropriation?
Alexandra Flynn

“No Skateboarding Allowed”: Municipal Bylaws, Urban Common and Public Property, and the Regulation of “Undesirable” or “Disruptive” Use
Sara Gwendolyn Ross

The Nature and Value of Public Space (With Some Lessons from the Pandemic)
Christopher Essert


Expert Testimony on False Confessions: An Old Psychological Problem with New Challenges in New York Courts
Alysia Lo

Reasonable Accommodation and Disparate Impact: Clean Shave Policy Discrimination in Today’s Workplace
Yucheng (Renee) Jiang

Domestic Violence and Eviction: Housing Protections for Survivors, and What We Can Learn from Eviction Diversion Programs
Ryan Schaitkin