Volume 46, Book 4: Human Impacts of Criminalization and Collateral Consequences


Barbers, Caregivers, and the “Disciplinary Subject”: Occupational Licensure for People with Criminal Justice Backgrounds in the United States
Alec C. Ewald

Undoing the Bail Myth: Pretrial Reforms to End Mass Incarceration
Insha Rahman


Diary of a Civil Public Defender: Critical Lessons for Achieving Transformative Change on Behalf of Communities
Runa Rajagopal


The “White” to Bear Arms: How Immunity Provisions in Stand Your Ground Statutes Lead to An Unequal Application of The Law for Black Gun Owners
Victoria Bell


Volume 46, Book 3: Remodeling Sanctuary: Urban Immigration in a New Era

Contextualizing Sanctuary Policy Development in the United States: Conceptual and Constitutional Underpinnings, 1979 to 2018
Allan Colbern, Melanie Amoroso-Pohl, & Courtney Gutiérrez

Unsettling Immigration Laws: Settler Colonialism and the U.S. Immigration Legal System
Monika Batra Kashyap

Universities as Vehicles for Immigrant Integration
Kit Johnson

Applying the U.S. Constitution Abroad, from the Era of the U.S. Founding to the Modern Age
Alina Veneziano

Separate But (Still Un)equal: Challenging School Segregation in New York City
Gabrielle Kornblau

Weaning Drug Manufacturers Off Their Painkiller: Creating an Exception to the Learned Intermediary Doctrine in Light of the Opioid Crisis
Max Roberts

Second Circuit, Eastern District of Michigan, and Utah Court of Appeals Cite the ULJ

The Second Circuit recently cited to Mary Pennisi’s article, A Herculean Leap for the Hard Case of Post-Acquisition Claims: Interpreting Fair Housing Act Section 3604(B) After Modesto, in its opinion for Francis v. King Park Manor, Inc., No. 15-1823-cv, 2019 U.S. App. LEXIS 6486, at *15 n.6 (2d Cir. Mar. 4, 2019).  This article from Book 37.4 was cited as scholarship confirming that §§ 3604(b) and 3617 of the Fair Housing Act encompass post-acquisition claims.

The Eastern District of Michigan cited to a student note by Rebecca Laitman from Book 45.3Fourth Amendment Flagrancy: What It Is, and What It Is Not, in its opinion for United States v. Gordon, 346 F. Supp. 3d 999, 1007 n.7 (E.D. Mich. 2018).

The Utah Court of Appeals recently cited to Michal Gilad, Abraham Gutman, and Stephen P. Chawaga’s article from Book 46.1The Snowball Effect of Crime and Violence: Measuring the Triple-C Impact, in its opinion for Interest of C.C.W., 2019 UT App 34, ¶ 20 & n.6.


Volume 45, Book 4: Taking a Bite out of the Big Apple: A Conversation About Urban Food Policy (Colloquium)

Forging Food Justice Through Cooperatives in New York City
Dan DePasquale, Surbhi Sarang, and Natalie Bump Vena

Ten Years of Food Policy Governance in New York City: Lessons for the Next Decade
Nicholas Freudenberg, Nevin Cohen, Janet Poppendieck, and Craig Willingham

Food Law Gone Wild: The Law of Foraging
Baylen J. Linnekin

Big Food and Soda Versus Public Health: Industry Litigation Against Local Government Regulations to Promote Healthy Diets
Sarah A. Roache, Charles Platkin, Lawrence O. Gostin, and Cara Kaplan

Let Them Eat Kale: The Misplaced Narrative of Food Access
Nathan A. Rosenberg and Nevin Cohen

Volume 45, Book 3: The Realities of Renting


Infill: New Housing for Twenty-First Century America
Paul Boudreaux

A Place to Call Home: Tenant Blacklisting and the Denial of Opportunity
Paula A. Franzese


“We Know Not Where We Go”: Protecting Digital Privacy in New York City’s Municipal Wi-Fi Network
Eric Hornbeck

Biting the Hand that Feeds: Third Party Appeals and NLRA Objectives
Matthew Knowles

Fourth Amendment Flagrancy: What It Is, and What It Is Not
Rebecca Laitman

For Clarity’s Sake: Redefining the Knowing and Voluntary Standard in Severance Agreements
Samantha Padilla

Collaboration Versus Competition in Health Care: The Role of State Action Antitrust Immunity in New York’s Medicaid Reform Initiative
Zachary E. Sproull

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Wyoming Supreme Court Cites the ULJ


The Wyoming Supreme Court recently cited an article from Book 45.1: Juvenile (In)Justice–Alice Reichman Hoesterey’s Confusion in Montgomery‘s Wake: State Responses, the Mandates of Montgomery, and Why a Complete Categorical Ban on Life Without Parole for Juveniles Is the Only Constitutional Option–multiple times in its opinion for Davis v. Wyoming, concerning the appeal of a sentencing decision. View the article here, the full book here, and the opinion here (via FindLaw)!

Volume 45, Book 2: The Geography of Confinement

Collateral (PDF)
Johnny Perez

Beyond the Island: Changing the Culture of New York City Jails (PDF)
Michael Jacobson, Elizabeth DeWolf, Margaret Egan, and David Hafetz

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