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On behalf of the Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law, I welcome you to the Journal’s new online companion. Our redesigned website better allows us to fulfill our basic mission: to serve the legal community by presenting timely scholarly articles on important developments in business law. We have created what we believe to be a more effective and efficient means of providing access to this content.

The Journal, which is currently the most-cited specialty journal in banking and finance, began twenty years ago as the Fordham Finance, Securities & Tax Law Forum. Shortly thereafter, we were designated one of Fordham Law School’s honor journals, and to reflect this change, we adopted our current name. Ever since, the Journal has consistently published legal scholarship in corporate and financial law from professors, judges, and legal practitioners, as well as Notes written by members of the Journal. The Journal has also worked closely with the Fordham Corporate Law Center to host distinguished speakers at symposia and lectures designed to generate a dialogue for all interested in corporate and financial law, the transcripts of which are also included in our publication.

We would not be where we are today without the support of our readers, and the dedication of all of our members, past and present. We look forward to serving, and to working with, you as we continue to build upon our success. Please join us as we proceed in to the next era of the Journal.

Maxwell Dillan


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