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The Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law (JCFL) stands in solidarity with Fordham’s Black Law Student Association (BLSA), the greater Black community, and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Too long have we failed to confront the horror of police brutality and the systemic racism that plagues our society. We must do better.

Words are not enough. As a journal at Fordham University School of Law, we have the responsibility, privilege, resources, and audience to make a difference. In the past week, we have already seen legislatures and cities enact change in response to the collective efforts of the BLM movement. We recognize that we must act immediately, aggressively, and tirelessly, until justice and true equality are achieved.

As a start, we are creating a resource that researches and tracks corporations’ statements, policies, and actions (or lack thereof) relating to the demands of the BLM movement. We hope this resource will be used to increase accountability, on the part of corporations and their representatives, to the commitments they make.

We implore those in our community to recognize their privilege and implicit biases, and to be better. We urge those who can to direct their resources to organizations that are devoted to addressing the issues of inequality and systemic racism. To our BLSA community, we see you. We hear you. We stand with you. We will fight for you.

Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law
Volume XXVI Board


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