Areas of Practice at Lincoln Square Legal Services, Inc.

With 11 different practice areas, we have experience in a broad range of legal areas.

From helping low-wage restaurant workers incorporate their business to protecting consumers against shady lenders, from working with police officers to prepare for trial to supporting African sex workers as they fight for their rights, from representing immigrants seeking to gain legal status in the United States to advocating for individuals with unreasonable tax burdens, Lincoln Square Legal Services fights for you.

We help clients win courtroom victories, draft policy papers, register trademarks, mediate disputes, protect their families—the scope of our work is limited only by the expertise of our 15 lawyers.

Practice Areas

  • Community Economic Development
    Provides legal services to childcare centers, health clinics, cooperatives, and other grassroots organizations
  • Consumer Litigation
    Advocates for low-income consumers by representing them in federal, state, and local courts against lenders, debt collectors, and merchants
  • Criminal Defense
    Represents clients charged with misdemeanor crimes and those with other legal problems arising from such accusations, clients seeking post-conviction relief, including parole and clemency, as well as clients indefinitely detained at Guantánamo.
  • Entrepreneurial Law
    Provides free transactional legal services to startups in New York, helping turn entrepreneurs’ ideas into flourishing enterprises that achieve ambitious business goals, build a talented workforce, and protect their budding brands
  • Family Advocacy
    Addresses one of the most pressing civil rights issues of our time – access to quality education for children in the special education system
  • Federal Litigation
    Represents clients who have been accused of serious federal crimes and face the possibility of long prison terms
  • Federal Tax
    Helps individuals and small business owners with their legal disputes involving the IRS in a variety of issues including identity theft, earned income tax credit, child tax credit, dependent exemptions, filing status, etc.
  • Immigrant Rights
    Provides direct legal representation in a range of immigration matters including applications for asylum, applications for relief from removal, and applications for legal status.
  • Intellectual Property and Information Law
    Assists musicians, artists, authors, nonprofit organizations, inventors and small businesses with copyright, trademark, patent litigation and acquisition. Also assists in some privacy related issues.
  • Legislative and Policy Advocacy
    Advocates for important changes to New York State and City law to promote civil rights and protect the disenfranchised
  • Securities Litigation and Arbitration
    Represents clients in complex cases by bringing claims against brokers