Month: September 2018

S1, Episode 4: Top Three Legal DO’s and DON’Ts for Entrepreneurs

Season One, Episode Four– Helpful legal insights and wisdom from a corporate attorney regarding the top three legal do’s and don’ts for entrepreneurs.

S1, Episode 3: Case Study – Tiffany Hall, Founder of Empower Cocktails

Season One, Episode Three–An interview with Tiffany Hall, Founder of Empower Cocktails, who has worked to create a female-focused brand in a mancentric marketplace.

S1, Episode 2: Case Study – Karl Kilb, CEO of Boloro Global Limited

Season 1, Episode Two–An interview with Karl Peter Kilb, III, CEO of Boloro Global Limited, Chair of Fordham’s Entrepreneurial Law Advisory Council, and Adjunct Professor of Law at Fordham University School of Law.

S1, Episode 1: Case Study – Coss Marte, Founder and CEO of ConBody

Season 1, Episode One–An interview with Coss Marte, the formerly incarcerated founder and CEO of ConBody who now provides training and job opportunities to individuals with criminal records.

Episode 0: Introducing Startup LAWnchpad

Episode Zero: An introduction to the new podcast of the Entrepreneurial Law Clinic at Fordham University School of Law, its objectives, and the vision for season one.

Startup LAWnchpad Trailer

Welcome to Startup LAWnchpad–the podcast for entrepreneurs that answers all the important legal questions entrepreneurs never knew to ask.