Season One, Episode Fourteen– Understanding privacy policies, laws entrepreneurs need to know in order to protect themselves, and tips for drafting your own privacy policy.

Episode Description: Jared Arcari (Fordham Law ‘19) offers an overview of privacy policies and some of the most common privacy laws that US-based businesses will encounter, as well as how to draft a privacy policy that will protect your business from lawsuits.  Please note: this podcast was researched and prepared by Daphny Lazarus (Fordham Law ‘18) before the recent GDPR regulations were put in place, and therefore some of the information contained in this podcast may not be GDPR compliant.

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“If you are an Internet-based business, you have a number of legal obligations that require you to keep certain information private and secure.” -Jared Arcari
“When drafted properly, a privacy policy helps protect a company from claims that it has misused information.” -Jared Arcari
“Not having a privacy policy is considered a deceptive trade practice and puts a business at risk of being sued by their users and state regulators.” -Jared Arcari

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