Season Two: Episode FourHow companies can raise capital through an initial public offering and the five biggest surprises that often come along the way. 

Episode Description: Joe Slochowsky (Fordham Law ’19) and Philipp Kirschbaum (Fordham Law ’19) interview James Shea (Fordham Law ’09), formerly Special Counsel at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP and now Of Counsel at Paul Hastings LLP.  They discuss the five surprises that often come on the road to the IPO. 

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“IPOs are as big as they’ve ever been. 2019 is projected to raise record-breaking dollars.” — Philipp Kirschbaum

“It’s really important that you have both the people and the systems in place.” — James Shea

“An IPO is incredibly time consuming for a company, and it takes a lot of energy and attention by the management.” — James Shea

“It’s in everyone’s best interest that there’s the right amount of cooperation and attention given to roadshow activities.” — James Shea

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