Season Two: Episode Thirteen — An overview of the legal obligations surrounding social media influencer agreements, the role of the FTC, and some of the most common legal issues surrounding this relatively new form of branding and marketing.

Episode Description: Tommine McCarthy (Fordham Law ‘20) and Shirley Ureña (Fordham Law ‘20) interview Hannah Taylor, Partner at Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, about social media influencer agreements in which a brand enters into a contract with an influencer to create content that promotes a brand on social media. The discussion includes details about exclusivity, termination, specificity, and ownership of influencer content. 

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“The FTC can go after whomever they want to go after. It’s the FTC’s job to make sure that consumers are not deceived.” — Hannah Taylor

“Some guidance from a brand about what a product does and appropriate ways to speak about the product is always a good idea.” — Hannah Taylor

“The main advertising rules from the FTC are don’t lie and don’t be unfair. Pretty simple, but the ways in which they think things are deceptive, lying, or unfair are pretty nuanced.” — Hannah Taylor

“It’s not only money that can constitute a material connection between a company and an influencer. It’s anything of value or anything that could bias somebody….including free products.” — Hannah Taylor

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