Season Two: Episode Fourteen — The road from startup to exit, from the co-founder of a recently acquired successful business. 

Episode Description: Moyosola Soyemi (Fordham Law ‘20) and Eileen Gaffney (Fordham Law ‘20) interview Selin Sonmez, co-founder of Knock Knock City, Co., about the business process from startup to exit, including the various legal and business issues entrepreneurs should consider on their road to acquisition.

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“An exit strategy was always only in the back of our minds. Our focus was on growing.” — Selin Sonmez

“Ask yourself, if we sell, is this the right person? Does this deal match our vision?” — Selin Sonmez

“It’s always good to consider lawyers as business people too, who will be helping you and pointing out details you’ll be missing because you’re optimistic and want to be fast and get the deal done.” — Selin Sonmez

“There’s always someone who has been there, done that, and there is value in seeking advice from them.” — Selin Sonmez

“The right brain is a muscle. The more you practice it the more it evolves. So, there’s no such thing as not being creative; you can learn to be.” — Selin Sonmez

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