Episode 16

S1, Episode 16: Co-working Spaces vs. Leases

Season One: Episode Sixteen Legal and business considerations for entrepreneurs and business owners when seeking office space.

Episode Description: Kevin Chan (Fordham Law ’18) offers an overview of various legal and business considerations for entrepreneurs and new business owners who are looking for office space, including the legal differences between lease and license agreements, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and a walk-through of the process for each of these options.

Episode Roadmap:

  • [:30] Kevin Chan introduces himself, and offers an overview of office space considerations for entrepreneurs and new business owners.
  • [4:23] A look at lease vs. license characteristics — see chart below.
  • [6:39] Weighing lease vs. license advantages and disadvantages — see chart below.
  • [10:15] The hypothetical cost of securing office space in Manhattan with a lease, and with a license agreement. 
  • [13:02] Practical considerations for both lease and license arrangements. 
  • [15:52] Breaking down the multiple components of monthly rent fees.
  • [17:30] Requirements for subleasing a space, and alterations.  
  • [20:04] The benefits of understanding the differences between lease and licence agreements prior to securing either.


“In many cases the license provided through shared work spaces is a more cost-effective way to obtain office space. ” — Kevin Chan

“If you’re in the early stages of your business and are not ready to shoulder the high cost of a lease, a shared work space makes the most sense.” — Kevin Chan

“Make sure you think about your short-term and long-term business objectives.” — Kevin Chan

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