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S1, Episode 5: How To (LAW)nch – Presentation at TrepCon Conference

Season One, Episode Five– This hypothetical case study about co-founders of an  mhealth (mobile health) startup introduces listeners to four key legal issues all entrepreneurs should know.

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S1, Episode 6: Founders’ Agreements

Season One, Episode Six– An overview of the benefits of founders’ agreements and the critical need for honest conversations between co-founders at the onset of any business venture.

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S1, Episode 7: Entity Formation

Season One, Episode Seven– An introduction to some of the main forms of for-profit business entities, a comparison of their similarities and differences, and the five main considerations entrepreneurs should keep in mind when choosing an entity.

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S1, Episode 8: Fordham Foundry Workshop: Intellectual Property 101

Season One, Episode Eight– A Fordham Foundry Workshop: Intellectual Property 101- An overview of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.

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S1, Episode 9: IP Insights for Entrepreneurs

Season One, Episode Nine– An overview of the intellectual property rights of entrepreneurs and ways to protect intellectual property from the early stages of a startup.

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S1, Episode 10: IP Protection – Trademarks

Season One, Episode Ten– A primer on trademarks, including definitions, business name selection, how trademarks protect your brand, and application timelines and requirements.

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