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S2, Episode 1: Access to Capital for Female and Minority Entrepreneurs – Case Study of Mi Dinero Mi Futuro

Season Two: Episode One – A look at the problems of and solutions for gaining access to capital for female and minority entrepreneurs. Episode Description: Oluwayemisi (“Yemi”) Danmola (Fordham...

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S1, Episode 16: Co-working Spaces vs. Leases

Season One: Episode Sixteen – Legal and business considerations for entrepreneurs and business owners when seeking office space. Episode Description: Kevin Chan (Fordham Law ’18) offers an overview of...

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S1, Episode 15: Real Estate Entrepreneurship

Season One, Episode Fifteen– A first look at the relationship between real estate investment and law for entrepreneurs.

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S1, Episode 14: Privacy Policies

Season One, Episode Fourteen– Understanding privacy policies, laws entrepreneurs need to know in order to protect themselves, and tips for drafting your own privacy policy.

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S1, Episode 13: Employment Law and Compensation

Season One, Episode Thirteen– An overview of employment law and compensation, including the hiring process, wage requirements, employee classification, and establishing a formal employee relationship.

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S1, Episode 12: Seed Financing

Season One, Episode Twelve– An introduction to how startup financing works, how to put yourself in the best position to attract investors to raise money for your business, and real world examples of how startup fundraising works.

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Bernice Grant is the Senior Director of the Entrepreneurial Law Program, and Founding Director of the Entrepreneurial Law Clinic, at Fordham University School of Law. She teaches law students how to provide transactional legal services to entrepreneurs, using an integrated law and business perspective based on her diverse background as a corporate attorney and certified public accountant.

Startup LAWnchpad is made possible by the generous support of the Nasdaq Educational Foundation and Fordham’s Entrepreneurial Law Advisory Council.

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