Episode 1

S2, Episode 1: Access to Capital for Female and Minority Entrepreneurs – Case Study of Mi Dinero Mi Futuro

Season Two: Episode OneA look at the problems of and solutions for gaining access to capital for female and minority entrepreneurs.

Episode Description: Oluwayemisi (“Yemi”) Danmola (Fordham Law ’19) and Diana Ryzhova (Fordham Law ’19) interview Ramona Ortega (Fordham Law ’13), Founder and CEO of Mi Dinero Mi Futuro (My Money My Future Inc.), a fintech company for multicultural millennials, to discuss access to capital for female and minority entrepreneurs.  

Episode Roadmap:

  • [:15] Bernice Grant introduces Season 2 of Startup LAWnchpad.
  • [2:06] Diana Ryzhova and Yemi Danmola introduce themselves and the topic of access to capital for female and minority entrepreneurs.
  • [4:10] Ramona Ortega introduces herself and her current business venture.
  • [10:43] The steps required on the long road to starting up a new company.
  • [17:50] ‘Financial literacy’ — its perception and problems, and what Ramona’s company focuses on instead.
  • [20:20] Resources to help entrepreneurs understand financial law.
  • [24:16] The current access to capital environment for females and minorities.
  • [35:35] Ramona’s reflections on participation in female-led venture capital endeavours. 
  • [42:43] Is this the career that Ramona dreamed of in her childhood?


“Any entrepreneur should be asking themselves — what is the problem that you’re solving, and why are you the person to solve it?” — Ramona Ortega

“We empower people to make smarter financial decisions by giving them the information and the tools they need.” — Ramona Ortega

“This is not about us telling people what to do; it’s about empowering people to understand how money works.” — Ramona Ortega

“Humility, being able to start over, taking great risks — that’s what great entrepreneurs do.” — Ramona Ortega

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