For the Media

Faculty Experts

Marc Arkin
Civil Procedure; Legal History; Church & State; Transnational Litigation; Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century US History

Cheryl Bader
Criminal Law; Judges/Judicial; Harassment; Expert Witnesses; Entrapment

Aditi Bagchi
Contracts; Legal Philosophy; Comparative Law; Labor Law

Susan Block-Lieb
Bankruptcy; Consumer Protection; International Organizations

James J. Brudney
Employment; Legislation; Unions; Congress

Daniel Capra
Courts–Federal; Criminal Procedure; Discrimination; Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility; Trials/Trial Procedure

Richard Scott Carnell
Regulated Industries; Banking Regulation; Government-sponsored Enterprises; Regulation of Financial Institutions

Frank Chiang
Commercial Law; U.S. – Taiwan – China Relations

James A. Cohen
Criminal Procedure; Juries; Legal Education; Trials/Trial Procedure

Jeffrey Colon
Tax–Individual; Tax–International

Elizabeth Cooper
Legislation; Poverty; Sexuality; Clinics; Women

Nestor M. Davidson
Property; Land Use; Urban; Housing

Deborah W. Denno
Criminal Law; Criminal Procedure; Death Penalty

Howard M. Erichson
Civil Procedure; Class Actions; Litigation; Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility

John D. Feerick
Arbitration; Constitutional Law & Theory; Employment; Labor

M.S. Flaherty
Human Rights; International Law; Civil Rights; Foreign Relations; Religious Liberty

Paolo Galizzi
International Law; Human Rights; Law and Development; International Environmental Law; Corporate Social Responsibility; Climate Change Law and Policy

Martin Gelter
Comparative; Business; Economics & Law

Caroline Gentile
Business; Securities; Partnerships

Brian Glick
Nonprofits/Charities; Legal Aid; Public Interest/Service

Jennifer Gordon
Immigration; Employment; Public Interest/Service

Bruce Green
Criminal Procedure; Legal Education; Public Defenders; Public Interest/Service; Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility

Karen J. Greenberg
National Security; Civil Liberties; Terrorism

Abner S. Greene
First Amendment; Church & State; Constitutional Law & Theory

Sean J. Griffith
Corporations; Mergers and Acquisitions

Hugh Hansen
Copyright; Trademark; Intellectual Property

Tanya Hernández
Discrimination; Latin America/Latin American Law; Employment; Trust & Wills; Critical Race Theory, The Science of Implicit Bias: New Pathways to Social Justice

Tracy Higgins
Human Rights; Women

Leah Hill
Family; Social Science & Law; Poverty

Gail Hollister
Torts; Negligence; Malpractice

Clare Huntington
Family; Immigration; Poverty; Legislation and Regulation

Robert Kaczorowski
Constitutional Law & Theory; Legal History

James Kainen
Evidence; Trials/Trial Procedure; Property

Constantine N. Katsoris
Estates/Trusts/Wills; Arbitration; Securities; Accounting; Income and Estate Taxation

Andrew Kent
Foreign Relations; Constitutional Law & Theory; National Security; Federal Courts; Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility

Joseph Landau
Administrative Law; Civil Procedure; Immigration; National Security; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) Rights

Thomas H. Lee
International Law; Civil Procedure; Courts–Supreme Court; Federal Courts; Constitutional Law & Theory; Law of War; International Arbitration

Youngjae Lee
Criminal Law; Philosophy & Law

Ethan J. Leib
Contracts; Legislation; Constitutional Law & Theory

Elizabeth Maresca
Tax–Individual; Clinics

Michael M. Martin
Legal Education; Evidence; Civil Procedure; Torts

Michael W. Martin
Civil Rights; Police Misconduct; Trials/Trial Procedure; Welfare; Prisons

Chi Adanna Mgbako
Human Rights; Sex Workers’ Rights; Access to Justice; Gender and Sexuality in Africa

Carl Minzner
China/Chinese Law; Legal Education

Jacqueline Nolan-Haley
Alternative Dispute Resolution; Catholic Perspectives on Conflict Resolution; International Dispute Resolution

Mark R. Patterson
Antitrust; Competition; Patents; Intellectual Property; Contracts; Internet Law

Kimani Paul-Emile
Race; Law & Biomedical Ethics; Race and the Law; Drug Regulation; Health Law; Legislation & Regulation

Russell Pearce
Legal Education; Religious Liberty

John Pfaff
Prisons; Statistics/Econometrics; Criminal Law; Social Science & Law; Sentencing Law

Catherine Powell
International Law; Global Governance; Constitutional Law; Comparative Constitutional Rights; Human Rights

Martha Rayner
Criminal Law; Criminal Procedure; War

Beth Schwartz
Clinics; Legal Education; Public Interest/Service

Marcella Silverman
Consumer Protection; Legal Aid; Litigation; Public Interest/Service

Gemma Solimene
Immigration; Legal Aid; Legal Education; Public Interest/Service; Trials/Trial Procedure

Richard Squire
Bankruptcy; Business; Corporations

Linda Sugin
Nonprofits/Charities; Tax–Individual

Steve Thel
Business; Contracts; Securities

Ian Weinstein
Criminal Law; Criminal Procedure; Litigation

Benjamin C. Zipursky
Torts; Product Liability; Jurisprudence; Professional Responsibility; Defamation and Privacy