Professor Martin Gelter Recognized for Employee Benefits Article


Fordham Law Professor Martin Gelter’s article, “The Pension System and the Rise of Shareholder Primacy,” was selected by Tax Notes as one of the “ten most interesting” articles on employee benefits written in 2013. It was chosen from among over 80 other law review articles in this area. Gelter received notice of the distinction on June 24. In its June 16 issue, Tax Notes published a blurb on the article that summarized its contents and praised its unique perspective on employee benefits.

Gelter’s article explains the shift in the corporate governance system from managerial capitalism to shareholder capitalism during the past three decades. Gelter attributes this shift to changes in the pension system, which has moved from a defined benefit to a defined contribution model for retirement savings. Kathryn Kennedy, who selected the article for recognition, calls Gelter’s analysis of the relationship between the pension system and corporate governance a “novel approach.”

Gelter is an Associate Professor of Law at Fordham Law. He works primarily in the areas of corporate governance, corporate law, accounting law, and economic analysis of law.


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