Apple iPhone Unlocking Debate Also Playing Out in NYC Courts


Joel Reidenberg was quoted in an NY1 report about Apple’s refusal to unlock iPhones for law enforcement agencies conducting criminal investigations.

Apple’s battle with law enforcement over unlocking iPhones is playing out in the Manhattan and Brooklyn federal courts.

The Brooklyn case is about a convicted drug dealer’s phone that prosecutors want to access.

Professor Joel Reidenberg, an expert at Fordham University’s Center on Law and Information Policy, says elected officials should settle the issue.

“That congress really ought to be doing rather than a magistrate judge in Brooklyn, a magistrate judge in California, a couple judges here or there. It is really a national policy choice,” Reidenberg said.

Professor Reidenberg…warns creating ways to bypass phone security can lead to violations of privacy.

“Create backdoors, create security vulnerabilities in your technologies so that law enforcement can exploit those vulnerabilities, that presents a whole different question,” Reidenberg said.

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