CLE and Programs Schedule


February 21
Jewish Law Lecture
Multiple Legal Views: A Comparison of the Methods of Rabbi Joseph Caro and His Contemporaries
CLE credit available

February 23
The Third Annual Entertainment Law Symposium
CLE credit available

February 27
International Law Journal Symposium
EU Law With the UK, EU Law Without the UK

February 28
CLIP Symposium
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Law in the Financial Services Sector

March 1
Lawyering for Black Lives

March 6
Neuroscience & Law Center: Reconstructing Criminal Justice — Brain Dysfunction & The Courtroom
CLE credit available

March 6
Natural Law Colloquium
“Ownership, Use, and Exclusivity” by Ernest J. Weinrib, University of Tornonto Faculty of Law

March 6
Do People Get Their Day in Court?
A Panel Discussion on Judge Rakoff’s Essay, “Why You Won’t Get Your Day in Court”

March 8
Comparative Corporate Governance Distinguished Lecture Series
The Case for Private Administration of Deposit Guarantee Schemes
CLE credit available

March 21
Access to Justice Initiative
Unifying Global and U.S. Access to Justice Movements: The Judicial Perspective
CLE credit available

March 22
Compliance Talks
Behind the Crime: When Good People Do Wrong
CLE credit available

March 23
Women in Prison Film Series
The Prison in 12 Landscapes

March 24
Fordham Sports Law Forum 21st Annual Symposium
CLE credit available

March 30
Working Ethically with Non-Lawyer Professionals in Public Interest Settings
CLE credit available

April 3
The 17th Annual Albert A. DeStefano Lecture on Corporate, Securities and Financial Law
The Honorable Karen L. Valihura, Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court

April 7
Fordham Law Review Symposium
Terrorist Incitement on the Internet
CLE credit available

April 7
Urban Law Journal Symposium
How the Poor Still Pay More: A Reexamination of Urban Poverty in the Twenty-First Century
CLE credit available

April 11
Center on Race, Law & Justice Speaker Series: Do Black Lives Matter in Brazil?
Professor Eliezer Gomes da Silva, Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa, Brazil

April 27
Women in Prison Film Series
The If Project


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