Toni Jaeger-Fine Receives Prestigious Honor from Top German Law School


Fordham Law School Assistant Dean for International and Non-J.D. Programs Toni Jaeger-Fine received the Bucerius Badge of Honor earlier this month for her extensive contributions to Germany’s first private law school.

Jaeger-Fine, a founding international faculty member of Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, has taught an elective course overviewing the American legal system each spring since 2001, established and coordinated two New York City exchange programs for Bucerius students, and supported American Friends of Bucerius at numerous events in and around New York City.

“The Badge of Honor is a wonderful recognition of my years working with Bucerius Law School,” Jaeger-Fine said, noting she cherished the many colleagues and students she has met there. “Bucerius has been a big part of my personal and professional life, and I am deeply touched by this award.”

Bucerius Law School President Professor Dr. Katharina Boele-Woelki presented Jaeger-Fine with the Badge of Honor at a ceremony in Hamburg. Boele-Woelki praised Jaeger-Fine’s international legal expertise, passion for her work, and the inspiration she provides others. Jaeger-Fine has been “highly instrumental in supporting our aim and objective to become Germany’s leading law school,” Boele-Woelki said.

Fordham Law School’s decade-long partnership with Bucerius has resulted in the exchange of more than 30 students. Jaeger-Fine coordinates the New York side of the exchange program.

“Learning more about different legal systems is a great way to be more prepared for globalization and to better understand your own system,” said Jaeger-Fine, who was the first American to serve on the board of the German American Lawyers Association. Jaeger-Fine added that teaching in Germany has provided her valuable insight into how civil law students think about the law and approach legal issues.

Jaeger-Fine is the fourth person—and second American—to receive the Bucerius Badge of Honor.


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