Career Support for Alumni


Career Support for Alumni

J.D. alumni: The Career Planning Center assists J.D. alumni with career development. To schedule a counseling session with a member of the team, call 212-636-6926. To explore the resources available online, visit the CPC’s website. You may be especially interested in the free online job bank, a critical resource that is updated daily and includes opportunities for experienced attorneys.

LL.M., M.S.L., and S.J.D. alumni: The Graduate Professional Development Program provides alumni of our graduate programs with career advice and professional development opportunities. Visit the GPDP site, or contact Anthony Agolia.

Public service and pro bono opportunities: Counselors in the Public Interest Resource Center (PIRC) are available to speak to alumni who would like to explore pro bono opportunities or pursue careers in public service (e.g., with legal nonprofits or government agencies). Interested alumni may contact the PIRC office.

Our job bank: Finally, please consider our online job bank for your opportunities for our students and alumni, or think about hosting a student for an externship at your organization.


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