Meet Jayne Schreiber – Assistant Dean of the Career Planning Center


Jayne Schreiber joined Fordham Law School about six months ago as the Assistant Dean of the Career Planning Center. You can read her initial hiring announcement here. She has been essential in helping FLS navigate the new virtual environment of networking and mentoring.

Read Jayne’s reflection on her time with Fordham below:

“I am so excited to be at Fordham! Despite the pandemic and the ensuing disruption to our planned activities, I’ve nonetheless had the opportunity to meet many wonderful alumni…virtually for now…who’ve been generous with their time and supportive of our students as they seek to embark on their legal careers. After school shut down this spring due to the health crisis, my team and I in the Career Planning Center quickly organized a number of remote student networking opportunities with alumni practicing in areas that students might want to pursue. To date, over 400 conversations have taken place! In addition, many alumni, despite not practicing here in the NY area where so many of our students live, were nonetheless graciously receptive to taking on remote summer interns for those who either couldn’t find positions or whose summer jobs were rescinded given the current economic environment. Beyond that, many alumni have participated on zoom panels so students could hear from and be inspired by those who, upon their graduation, faced the challenging task of finding jobs in similarly tough economic times. Still other alumni shared thoughts on their practice areas, specifically those that are expected to become even busier as a result of the pandemic. Kudos to our alumni–the Network Effect is clearly alive and well at Fordham Law, and I look forward to meeting still more of you in the days ahead!” 

– Jayne Schreiber


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