Tampon Tax Sparks Law Student Protests


Fordham Law’s faculty, students, and Legislative and Policy Advocacy Clinic are mentioned in an article for Law.com, highlighting today’s law student-led protest against the taxation of menstrual products.

Law students across the country are taking on the so-called tampon tax on Nov. 20.

Aspiring attorneys from two dozen law schools in states that tax menstrual products plan to purchase those items and send in tax refund claims to their respective state taxation agencies as both a form of protest and a bid to raise awareness about what they view as the unfairness of such taxes.

Fordham University School of Law’s Legislative and Policy Advocacy Clinic took the lead in organizing law student participation in the action, which also includes writing to state lawmakers and state departments of revenue about the unconstitutional nature of tampon taxes. Currently, 33 states have a tampon tax on the books, including Texas, Georgia and California, although the Golden State has adopted a temporary reprieve from collecting taxes on menstrual products.

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