About ULJ Online

The Fordham Urban Law Journal Online (ULJ Online) publishes timely and accessible scholarly essays that are intended for a wider audience than traditional law journal articles.  As such, ULJ Online seeks pieces analyzing discrete legal issues, book reviews, responses to Articles and Essays published in the print Fordham Urban Law Journal, dialogues, graphic-intensive empirical studies, and other submissions tailored to the online format.  ULJ Online prefers to publish pieces between 2,000 and 5,000 words, but will consider pieces containing up to 7,500 words.

Urban Hook

We ask that all essays submitted to ULJ Online contain an “urban hook” in the introduction.  Generally speaking, this is a requirement that submissions demonstrate a tie-in to the Fordham Urban Law Journal‘s scholarly focus: legal and public policy issues affecting urban populations across the nation and throughout the world.

Ultimately, we defer to authors on how best to incorporate this into their essay.  Some essays will contain an inherent urban hook due to their subject matter.

ULJ Online prefers to receive submissions containing an already fleshed-out urban hook.  However, in exceptional circumstances, our Editorial Board will collaborate with authors to devise a sufficient urban hook.

How to Submit

ULJ Online accepts submissions on a continuous basis throughout the year.  We publish accepted essays on a rolling basis, with publication dates subject to our production pipeline.  Authors are encouraged to submit through the online submissions service Scholastica.  We also accept submissions via email to both [email protected] and [email protected].

All submissions must contain citations formatted according to The Bluebook’s style guide.  Essays featuring citations formatted using MLA, Chicago, APA, or any other style, will not be considered for publication.

If you have additional questions regarding how to submit to ULJ Online, you may contact ULJ‘s Senior Articles Editor ([email protected]), or Online Managing Editor ([email protected]), for more information.

Selection Process

The ULJ Online selection process generally proceeds in two steps: First, each submission is reviewed by members of the print Fordham Urban Law Journal‘s Editorial Board, including the Editor-in-Chief, Development Editor, Senior Articles Editor, and Online Managing Editor, to ensure the essay fits within ULJ Online‘s publication guidelines.  Next, our Online Editorial Board Staff members review submissions as directed by the Editorial Board and engage in preemption checks.