Fordham Law Faculty Ranks High on SSRN


Fordham Law School’s faculty rank among the most prolific and most highly downloaded legal scholarship writers, according to SSRN, a widely used open-access online repository.

Fordham Law professors rank 8th all-time among U.S. and international law schools in authors posting papers (245), 18th in papers posted (1,379), and 20th in total number of downloads (335,295), based on figures updated on Jan. 1 listing SSRN’s top 750 law schools.

In the past 12 months, Fordham also ranked 22nd in the United States and 27th globally in total downloads (37,113), and 22nd and 36th respectively in number of new papers (85).

Professor Martin Gelter ranked as Fordham Law’s most published and most downloaded full-time faculty member on SSRN during 2017, with four papers that received more than 2,800 total downloads. Professors Deborah W. Denno, Bruce Green, and Clare Huntington each had three articles published on SSRN in 2017.


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