Legal Career Spotlight: TV News Correspondent to Divorce Attorney to Political Candidate


Fordham law alum, Kristen Prata Browde ’00, was interviewed by Vault about her non-traditional path to a career in law, what it was like to start her own practice, her foray into politics, and being an advocate for the LGBT community.

And I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun in school. Not only was studying law fascinating, I could approach it with no pressure at all: I’d never planned to be a lawyer—I only wanted to be a better reporter. After all, I’d been CNN’s first Supreme Court correspondent, not really knowing much about the law, and I covered crime and politics regularly. I thought the new knowledge would be nothing but helpful… and it was.

Besides, by picking and choosing my own cases, while continuing to work (by then at CBS News) as a reporter and anchor, I knew that I could truly have my cake and eat it too—without taking a big pay cut by becoming a first-year associate. Thus, it wasn’t a really tough call. And when I left CBS five years ago, my practice, which had been going strong, completely blossomed… something that was all but unaffected by my decision, one year later, to publicly come out as transgender.

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