Professor Kimani Paul-Emile Appointed Law and Public Affairs Fellow at Princeton University


Professor Kimani Paul-Emile has been named a 2020–2021 fellow in Princeton University’s Program in Law and Public Affairs (LAPA). Paul-Emile is associate director and head of domestic programs and initiatives at Fordham Law School’s Center on Race, Law & Justice as well as faculty co-director of the Stein Center for Law & Ethics. She specializes in the areas of law and biomedical ethics, health law, anti-discrimination law, and race and the law. Paul-Emile will spend her LAPA fellowship working on a book project, tentatively titled Americans on Drugs: Six Drugs, Three Regimes, and the Making of the American Drug User.

LAPA is focused on exploring the role of laws in politics, society, the economy, and culture in the United States, around the world, and across national borders. LAPA fellows are selected in a competitive process from a large interdisciplinary and international applicant pool that includes, independent scholars, lawyers, and judges. Fellows devote a majority of their time to individual research and writing on law-related subjects of empirical, interpretive, doctrinal, and/or normative significance. Together, they provide a forum for rethinking the role of law across disciplines and for addressing the complex problems of the 21st century.

Paul-Emile is the fourth Fordham Law faculty member to have been selected since LAPA began hosting fellows in 2000. She follows current fellow Robin A. Lenhardt, Professor of Law and faculty director of the Center on Race, Law and Justice; Archibald R. Murray Professor of Law Tanya K. Hernandez (2010-2011); and Martin Flaherty (2003-2004), Leitner Family Professor of Law and founding co-director of the Fordham Law Leitner Center for International Law and Justice.


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