Reform Home Rule To Protect Cities From State Interference


Professor Nestor Davidson, director of the Urban Law Center, discusses reform that needs to be made to “home rule” in an op-ed for Law360.

What is home rule, puzzled visitors often ask? Turns out, I like to answer, it’s one of the most important, and overlooked, legal issues of our day. But perhaps not for much longer.

We are at a moment of great urgency for local democracy. Our cities drive the global economy,w ith the nation’s 10 most productive metro areas alone generating a record $7.2 trillion in economic output in 2018 — more than the economies of 38 states combined.[1]

And cities today confront critical policy issues that range from climate change and equity, to technological transformation, to critical public health threats — as we are unfortunately experiencing now. In meeting these challenges, cities face many headwinds, financial and otherwise.

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