Professor Andrew Kent on Class-Action Coronavirus Lawsuits


Professor Andrew Kent shared his expert opinion with the New York Post on New Yorkers filing class-action coronavirus lawsuits against China.

Guasto is now one of 15,000 plaintiffs suing the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party in a Florida federal court for wrongful death. The complaint accuses them of “intentional, deliberate and reckless cover-up” of COVID-19, which originated in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. The lawsuit, one of two class-actions filed by the Berman Law Group, is seeking trillions of dollars in compensation for virus victims and their families.

“I think that they’re probably not going to be successful,” said Andrew Kent, a professor specializing in foreign relations and constitutional law at Fordham University Law School. “First of all, the Communist Party is the ultimate source of political power in China. And without a change by Congress to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act that protects countries from lawsuits, there is little chance of success.”

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