New Book by Professor Zephyr Teachout Explores Corporate Threats to Democracy


Associate Professor of Law Zephyr Teachout‘s latest book, Break ‘Em Up: Recovering Our Freedom from Big Ag, Big Tech, and Big Money (All Points Books), argues that Google, Facebook, and Bayer are evolving from monopolists into political entities that bend state and federal legislature to their will and create arbitration courts that circumvent the U.S. justice system.

In the book, Teachout suggests that in order to build a better future, these monopolies must be broken up and eradicated from the private sectormaking a compelling case that they are the root cause of many of the issues that today’s progressives care about. The wide-ranging book dives into the surprising connections between chicken farming and Uber drivers, how the left needs to do more trust-busting, and how corporate concentration reinforces racism and thwarts Black political power.

Senator Bernie Sanders, who endorsed Teachout’s campaign for New York Attorney General in 2018, wrote the book’s foreword.


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