How Amy Coney Barrett’s Views Affect Your Well-Being If She Makes It to the Supreme Court


Professor Elizabeth Cooper shared her expert opinion on President Trump’s potential Supreme Court Justice nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett and the future of the Court.

“I fear that some of our politicians are setting things up as a competition of winner take all and forgetting that they have a fundamental responsibility to govern for the best interests of all the American people. That includes women and gay people and trans people and all people who are just wanting to live their lives with dignity and compassion,” says Elizabeth Cooper, JD, a law professor at the Fordham University School of Law. “In many ways, that was at the core of what Justice Ginsburg lived and wrote and sought her whole life. It’s so hard to think about someone who doesn’t share those values filling the seat that she did so magnificently.”

“My concerns [for the LGBTQ+ community]go beyond Barrett,” says Cooper. “Whether she is the nominee or anyone else ends up being the nominee, my deep concern is that the values held by the people the president has nominated until now and that he has said he will continue to nominate are not those that recognize the full richness and humanity of all Americans. I am deeply afraid for how the Supreme court will rule on issues affecting LGBTQ+ people.”

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