High Court Union Case Could Impede Basic Access Rights


Professor Nestor Davidson co-authored an op-ed, published in Law360, examining the pending Supreme Court case Cedar Point Nursery v. Hassid and the effects it can have on labor law and access rights. 

For people wondering how quickly and how far the new U.S. Supreme  Court majority will act to shift the law, a little-noticed case from California  involving seemingly settled questions of property law set for argument on  Monday, March 22, may provide troubling insights into tectonic changes  that might be in store. 

The pending case — Cedar Point Nursery v. Hassid — involves a challenge  by growers in California to a state labor law regulating organizers’ right of  access. 

The growers in Cedar Point are arguing for radically expanding this second, traditionally  narrow, category of claims to mandate payment every time the government needs any  access to private property.

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